VID30 Bespoke

Make your video tailored to you, time and time again

With our tools we can give you a video storyboard that has images and text that fits your needs. This leaves you free to make videos just when you need them - at the drop of a hat.

Just imagine being able to run off a new sales video advert by just typing in your product name, changing the price points and the specific call to action. Or having a set of presentation films that you could use with each client to illustrate their account details.

You can even use these as a sales development tool - how powerful is it to personalise your film to your prospective client, feature just the areas they have shown interest in and where you can help save them time &/or money.

Ask us how we can help you be more effective selling to new customers and growing existing customers accounts.

Have your video made for you, bespoke to suit your needs.

OK so you like the idea of VID30 but the standard fare is a bit vanilla for you. You need something that reflects your brand, your look and feel, your offering. Well VID30 is happy to create something just for you.

VID30 will make you a video that fits you, that sells your key messages, that engages your audience, that helps convert visitors into customers. All you will need to do is type - no editing skills are needed, we've done all the hard work.

  • Increase sales conversions after events with a personalised video
  • Add video to your sales pitches with information just for that client
  • Cross sell services with an account overview video that's individual to each client
  • Feature local stores & outlets, in your regional sales videos
  • Give sales people the tools to convert clients quicker at the full ticket price
  • Stand out as individuals while using the power of the group
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Converting sales leads

Created using our bespoke, using brand specific fonts, logos and images.

This is a demo for a car dealership, it's branded to the dealership. The dynamic elements include the ability for the sales person to change the image of the dealership, the recipients name, a short film of the car they were most interested in test driving at the event, some key reminders that the sales team had listened and a strong call to action to move them further through the buying funnel.

How does it work?

  • Your design

    Have your own film designed for you.

  • Your content

    Choose what’s personalised; image, video or text.

  • Your branding

    Have it branded to your companies colour, logos and fonts.

  • Store the dynamic elements

    Like location & product images, supplied videos. So they are ready to use in your film.

  • Design & Programming

    This is what we do. Each dynamic storyboard is brought to life and tested to ensure it’s easy to use, looks great and will deliver your desired results.

  • Get the films seen

    We provide the web page for the content creation, branded email designs & splash pages that allow your films to be received by customers. Or you can download the film and use it on social media.

Where could I use it?

  • Market Directly

    The important information, sent directly to your customers.

  • Pitch Yourself

    All the important facts and figures, presented in an easy to digest, professional way.

  • Follow Leads

    Everything they were interested in during your meeting, summed up neatly, and sent before they’re back in the office.

  • Social engagement

    Engage with your customers in the places they are already spending their time.

  • Single projects

    Create that video storyboard that’ll really tie together that project you’re working on and increase conversion rates.

  • Create campaigns

    Just like TV commercials use time bound calls to action that reflect user uptake and increase customer rates on your peak periods.

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Increasing loyalty

Turning adhoc sales into contracted sales agreements.

This is one of our earliest commissions and it's power to convert clients from on spec purchasers to contracted ones was truly impressive.


This is a bespoke service, so our pricing is based on a number of factors.

  • Design & programming
  • Duration of each film to be delivered
  • Length of use of the dynamic storyboard
  • Volume of use
  • Retainer with inclusive number of films or PAYG Or a combination of the two
  • Campaign limits
  • Service level agreements
Make your films bespokestart using the power of video that's bespoke to you

Let your clients boost your social media marketing

Let your clients show you what they most like about your content & get them to promote it. This Christmas campaign allowed people to swap round the shots from 3 TV commercials into one that they felt reflected their perfect Christmas - and then share their films on social media.

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